Reordering saved searches


Hi all, I could not find anything on this topic. If it has already been covered, please point me to that thread.
Is it possible to reorder saved searches in the sidebar (I could not find a way to do so).
If not, Jesse, are you guys thinking of adding this functionality? (so that I can put the most frequently used search on the top or order them logically).
Thank you.


Open the file searches.taskpaper in your Configurations folder of your TaskPaper application support folder (~/Library/Application Support/TaskPaper/Configurations/searches.taskpaper) and reorder the saved searches lines there. If you can’t find the file, go into TaskPaper and in the menubar select : Window / StyleSheet / Open StyleSheet Folder. This will bring you inside the TaskPaper application support folder, but not exactly in the right folder. Go back one and then you will see a folder named Configurations with the searches.taskpaper file inside.


Magic! Thank you so much.


Kind of tangential, but I’ve been looking for a place to mention this. I discovered a nice trick that helped me with saved searches. My (partial) saved searches section looks like

Working  @search(@na or @today or @due <=[d] today +24h or @stack///*)
------------- @search(--)
Write @search(@write and not @wait and not @done) 
Edit @search(@edit and not @wait and not @done) 
------------- @search(--)
Due Today @search(@due <=[d] today +24h or @today)
Soon @search(@due < [d] tomorrow +7 days except @due <=[d] today)

The ---- lines show up as dividers in the sidebar, which helps me a bunch with visual distinctions. I have sections for “figure out what the hell you’re doing”, “pick based on what you feel like working on”, and “crap what did I forget”. Roughly.

I save my searches in the document, but, given what @GuiB said above, it seems like this would likely work for externally saved searches as well.

Hope someone else finds this helpful.


Hey @mediapathic, I was doing some kind of delimiter this way inside my documents, but didn’t thought about adding delimiters on my saved searches… so thanks for the tips, I’ll see if I can group some searches! Also, I just tested it in my saved searches and yes it works from there as well!


@mediapathic I’m curious about that part of your first search.

What is it ?


Oh, that’s just a trick for me. As I work I keep whatever I’m working on at that instant marked as @stack so when I inevitably get distracted I can immediately see where my mind was. It’s kind of like “doing” without a doing file. The ///* syntax causes it to match all the children of a project that is tagged with that, I think. I don’t actually remember what that syntax does, I ripped it off from someone else here and I have since forgotten why. Sorry!


It can certainly get confusing. Searches are always based on the current item that’s being evaluated.

  • /* means match all of that items direct children
  • //* means match all of that items descendants
  • ///* means match that current item and all of that items descendants

For the gory details see: … or just ask a question when you can’t figure out how to accomplish whatever you are trying to do.


I find the searches.taskpaper file in this location if that helps someone not able to find in the location specified above: ~/Library/Containers/com.hogbaysoftware.TaskPaper3/Data/Library/Application Support/TaskPaper/Configurations