Quickly navigate the tree

One of the features of Taskpaper that I use the most is the ability to quickly go to a “Project.” Maybe that is why I find myself wishing that there was a feature to navigate some of the content I have typed so far.

Would if be possible to include a “go to…” like the “go to Project” where you can travel to and focus in a particular paragraph of the tree by using the first sentence of the leaf as the “descriptor” of that paragraph? Just like writing a paper where the first sentence serves as the summary of the paragraph; and use that first sentence to quickly traverse your document.

I expect to bring this into Bike too, but I still need to work on more basic features for a 1.0 release first. I think a “Go to” style pallet will only be really useful when there are different types of items so that the list can be limited (such as how Taskpaper limits the list by project)