QuickLook support for TaskPaper

It should be really easy to add this, cause there’s no specific format and it is just text.
Is there a chance to see this implemented in v2? v3?

I think this should already be working… if you use the .taskpaper file extension then you should be able to QuickLook it. It will just show as plain text, did you mean you wanted to see syntax highlighted. That would be possible down the road, but is more work.

Hmm, for some reason it shows me no preview at all.
Do you have any ideas how to fix/debug this?

I’m not sure. The way that it works I think is that I declare the format in my apps Info.plist, and they there’s a system process that reads out the formats and then connects that up to quick look. I forget the details, but it seems to be working on my computer, so I “think” I got things right.

Anyway “fix quicklook” generates some google results. Here’s one that might help:

Please let me know if that resolves the issue or not for you.