Projects indentation under Home in the sidebar


I understand the indentation of the projects relatively to Home in the sidebar, but is this necessary?

For sure this indentation is important for sub-projects, but IMHO unnecessary for main projects (the ones right under Home). If Home needs to be differentiated somehow, it could have a different font weight or style, or an icon before the word…


Personally I think it gives a kind of graphic or informational consistency – the Home nodes is after all the virtual parent of the top level projects, and the quickest route to an overview of them.

( Not a huge issue, but I think I might find it a little messy, and feel that it obscured the direct visibility of real structure, to have it at the same level of indent as its children, or to have two different ways of encoding relationships in the same panel – one spatial and directly visible, the other reliant on learning and remembering some kind of typographic convention )


Yes, I agree that there is a kind of informational consistency, but, as Home is a “virtual node”, I don’t think the proposed change would “break the rule” (not much).

What bugs me is that, as no node will ever be at the Home level, we end up with all nodes being indented. In the end, balancing between this “virtual information consistency” and this “real visual inconsistency” I’d prefer to fix the later. But that’s me…

After reading your opinion and thinking a little bit more about it, I changed my mind. Even though I’d like to see this change, it is not a good thing for the project. The way it is now, certainly help the users, including the newcomers, to understand the outline structure.


Hey, no changing your mind… it’s against internet rules! :smile:


Hey, @jessegrosjean, just gimme an option to auto-hide the sidebar and I’ll stop creating topics about it! :sweat_smile: