Problem with Items Disappearing

I am a somewhat new user to TaskPaper (last six months or so) and have recently run into a problem. I am running the latest version (3.8.17) on the latest version of Monterey (12.5). When I add list items to a project and then click on another project tab, everything disappears. It seems like all my changes/edits are gone. If I close the program and reopen, everything comes back but disappears as soon as I click on another project tab. Anyone else experiencing this?

I think it’s working as designed, but you need to indent your items under each project to make them part of that project. I think your projects don’t have any items associated with them, so when you focus into a project you don’t see anything.

I think the short “Getting Started” screencast in the user’s guide will explain what is happening best:

Hope that helps!

It did! Thanks!

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