Printing options

Just a couple of things, more nit-picky in nature I suppose.
1> It would be cool if the blue dots were retina-ready and not so pixelated upon printing them. When you print the notes, the blue boxes look really grainy, and could look pretty decent if you wanted to print it out in color, for example. It would be somewhat of a neat feature with using your app, instead of say, a plain text editor like atom that can read your files. You could consider making closed projects dark blue (like you have) and then expanded projects as a blue circle-white dot in the center, for instance. Maybe faded blue would mean that the project is completely finished with all its sub-tasks? Lists can be nice and beautiful :wink:

2> When printing the list, would it be possible to have the option to print it “as is” on the screen? As in, expanded projects get printed but non-expanded ones are not printed? Again, another benefit of the app in allowing the options to have a little bit of flexibility.

It’s my first time with the product using the actual product. I have used others that read the app’s formatting so this is my first time putting yours through its paces.

They should already be retina ready, for screen anyway. I’ll take a look at printing and see if I can make them better there.

I’m going add this to my list. If it turns out to be easy I’ll try to add it for version 3.0. Thought if it turns out to be tricky it probably won’t make it.

Ah, excellent! Thanks so much for the responses. I purchased it and really like using it.