Printing as a PDF

I’m a big fan of your software, this is an amazing application to define my thoughts without fuss.

I’m currently compiling my notes related to a customer audit with Bike. My document is 6-page long and contain observations, recommended next actions and questions. I’m not ready to work on my final report yet …

I decided to print it as a PDF and send it the customer to review the current state …

The output has a dark background with tons of vertical lines and triangles not required for my objectives. I understand that printing settings is aligned with my current screen window. Is it possible to create a clean output on a white background for such purpose?

While it is not a particularly pretty solution, you can open the .bike file in Safari and it will render as an unordered list. This leaves a fair amount of whitespace due to indentation, but it doesn’t include the vertical lines from the view in the app itself. You could then export a PDF from Safari for distribution. I imagine this is another case that Jesse will be addressing when they more fully implement style sheets.

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When you print show the full settings like this:

Then uncheck “Bike > Print Unloaded Controls”. That will remove the lines and triangles that don’t indicate hidden content. You will still need to set your background color to white and text to black (Bike > Settings > Editor).

After this current release I expect to start work on themes. Then I expect you’ll be able to have a special printing theme with black and white colors that you can use, so you don’t need to change the colors in your editing document.

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Thank you for this quick and dirty solution :grinning:

This is what I used to ship it today.

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Thank you Jesse,

I appreciate the candid answer and the fact that the functionality is on the roadmap.

FYI, I bought the application from your website and I’m also a SetApp subscriber thus I’ll replace my current installation with the one provided with SetApp to ensure that you’re compensated for it,

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