Possible to add different style check box?


Instead of the small square checkbox it would be great to change it to a circle. Just an idea.

TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (163)

I find the shadows on the square a bit jarring, I think it’s because the default OSX window shadows all fall below, with implied light from above. The Taskpaper ones imply light from below, and thus look wrong in this context.


In the latest release I’ve actually reverted back to a stylized (longer then normal) dash instead of the checkbox. I still hope to bring back the checkbox as an option, but the default will be the simpler dash.


Having things ingrained in my visual memory, I do miss the check boxes. Hope you’ll add them back as an option as well :grinning:


+1 for missing the checkbox. Would love to see it back (or as an option, or themable) in a preview soon… :wink:


i always thought that as well. it always seemed out of place.