Pasting problem


Oddly, I am unable to paste into the window that opens when I launch Taskpaper 3. If I start a new document, I can paste into it.


What is that document that opens when you launch TaskPaper? Is it a document that you’ve created, or just the default document? For me (testing on 10.10 right now) pasting into a document opened by TaskPaper at startup seems to work ok.


The default document. It is still happening. Only the first line is pasted unless I open a new Taskpaper document in which case my entire paste board appears.


I’m not really sure where to go on this one. I can’t reproduce the problem myself. Here are some thoughts:

  1. If anyone else can reproduce this please post here to let me know!
  2. Can you type in the new document? If so what happens if you type into the new document for a while and then try to paste?
  3. Does the problem happen if you run TaskPaper from your Guest User Account?
  4. Do you see any errors in when you try to paste?


Maybe this helps - the problem does not happen if I show welcome text. If I press ctrl+v in the welcome text doc, everything pastes. Back to the default doc, only the first line pastes.