Paste Bike URL links into an email without bullet points?

How do you paste Bike URL links in Apple Mail without bullet points and indent formatting?

Have you had a look at this:

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Another option is that you can use menu Edit > Copy > Rich Text. I think this option wasn’t available when that script was written… in latest version of Bike I changed “Rich Text” format to not include bullets.


And the main operational difference is just that after copying with the script (in Mail Outline format rather than RTF text format),
you can still use Mail’s ⌘[ (Format > Indentation > Decrease) as well as its ⌘] complement.

(After pasting as Rich Text, from the Bike menu, ⌘[ won’t do anything to the Bike indentations in Mail, though you can still add indentation with ⌘])

but that may not be relevant in this case, where you are just pasting links.