Other compatible App / SaS


You can add https://tacoapp.com/ as a service compatible with TaskPaper. This is a (service as a) software which extract tasks from multiple sources (Asana, Evernote, Omnifocus, Bandcamp …) to get them in one place. You can for instance extract tasks from multiple taskpaper files.
For now it’s free


With Tasks imported from .taskpaper text files, Taco ignores project / task hierarchies. In fact it ignores projects and just grabs all tasks and presents them in a flat list. Other than having these tasks displayed a set of tiles that can be rearranged and checked as done (but status is not written back to text files) the service doesn’t appear to do much else.


Yes you’re right, not the best, not ideal, but can do some job depending on how you work and how you write taskpaper file.