Open Recent Menu is Empty?


Not sure if something is messed up with my install or what but I cannot seem to get the ‘Open Recent’ menu item to populate with any recent documents. I’ve tried deleting the app (and as much of the associated user files using CleanMyMac) and reinstalling via the App Store but the issue is still happening.

Also, I’m not sure if this is related (or what the expected behavior is) but Bike never opens the last open files. It would be nice if there were at least an option to allow for the previous session to open automatically.


You’ve checked macOS System Preferences > General > Recents ?

(Its possible values include None)

Did @complexpoint’s suggestion fix the issue? Generally recents should be working I think. If anyone else is seeing problems please post in this thread.

Not seeing any problems with Recents


Yes, that did fix the issue. However, inheriting the behaviour that I set for the OS is not at all what I expect or want in this situation. I don’t think that I’ve ever (knowingly) used another app that took the OS-level setting for the app-specific setting.

Is there any chance that this can be an app-specific setting that defaults to the system setting?

In this case I’m pretty sure Bike is doing what it should… I am not actually implementing the recents behavior, it’s being provided to me by the macOS system code. I would expect that TextEdit, Pages, Numbers, … any app that’s document based, will have the same behavior.

Absolutely standard – OmniOutliner, OmniPlan, iThoughts, MindNode etc etc are exactly the same.

Sorry about the confusion on my part. Before writing out my suggestion above, I tested out a few of the apps that I commonly use (Sublime Text, Path Finder, Swift Publisher , MS Office) and they keep track of recent files. I didn’t realize that this Recents behavior was provided by the system and so that makes complete sense (even if it’s not what I want).

Thanks kindly for the quick reply!