Odd intermittent issue with removing all tags


I suspect this is an issue with my computer, rather than with the app, but I’m curious to see if anyone else has noticed this issue as well.

I have a Keyboard Maestro workflow set up to remove all tags from a task and then mark it as @done and the time it’s done for Reminders export.

Occasionally, the command to remove all tags will then cause the cursor to jump down to the next line, so instead of

``- test @due(2016-11-13 11:14) @done

  • testing @today ``

I get

``- test

  • testing @today @due(2016-11-13 11:14) @done``

When it’s in this mood, the cursor jumping down a line after stripping tags will happen even when I use the menu bar command.

I can’t figure out what might be triggering this behavior; it happens and eventually fixes itself without me doing anything.

Has something like this been happening to anyone else?


How does the Keyboard Maestro macro work – key strokes, or script ?

(Might be helpful to post the details, particularly if it uses any script)


For removing the tags, the macro uses the Select Menu Item > Tag > Remove Tags, pauses, then calls the script for tagging with @done and @due(time).

When it’s in this mood, though, the jumping down a line will happen even when I “manually” select the menu item or use the Taskpaper designated shortcut for removing tags. I noticed it because of my KM macro, but it doesn’t happen exclusively with my macro.


This will happen when you “clear tags” and the text cursor is near the end of the items text … basically it’s maintaining text offset position (from start of document), but since the tag text is removed … that offset position end up in the next entry. This is something that I eventually need to fix. Until then you can work around the problem by first moving the text cursor to the very start of the entries text … then the problem should never happen.


I love it when there’s an explanation and it’s not “my computer is weird.” :smiley: Thanks!