Note styling


Is there a way to display a bullet for each line of note?
Thank you!


If I understand you correctly this is what you are looking for:

item {
  handle-border-color: @handle-secondary-color;

You would need to add that to your StyleSheet (Window > StyleSheets).

(Note this is for the 3.5 Preview release, the current 3.3.2 release already shows bullets for all items by default). If that isn’t what you were looking for please let me know with a bit more detail and I’ll try again.


Thanks a lot, this did the trick!
The only question is about notes horizontal alignment, can it be fixed with less/css rules too?


No this isn’t possible… indent per level is a global property. You can change the overall global indent used in the outline, but you can’t change the indent of individual items.


Ok, thank you, I can live with it :slight_smile: