New tag menu item behavior should be changed back to TaskPaper 1/2 expected behavior


The old style (for new users) in selecting tags from the menubar would show available tags and auto-search locations of tasks with such tags within contexts of projects, etc. The new one simply seems to add the tag to the line item the cursor is on. I find this redundant since the “@” auto-suggests available tags and the “add new” already has the option to add tags and unintuitive because not only would I not go there to add tags but now there seems to be no quick way to search for items with tags that still show up in their relevant locations; now I go to the right and search for tags after going to the left to see my tags available and the results are still not the same as TaskPaper 2, which was intuitive, less work and yielded sought-after behavior/search-results immediately. If it’s not too late please go back to this approach. As a developer you know the ins and outs of available search queries but I fear this will lead to the same result, i.e., confused users, as I’ve observed with 2Do, Todoist, WorkFlowy and Things where somebody would say, “I can’t seem to quickly and intuitively do this” and developers would respond like, “It’s easy, just use this long complicated esoteric search query that we know because we built this app and use daily but nobody else does and use it each time you want to get that behavior.”


I’ve moved the search by tag function to the search field. Click on the magnifying glass (or Control-Command-F) to see search by tag or a recent search. I think that covers the functionality that you were looking for?

I agree that the tags popup in the toolbar (not the search one) isn’t often useful. But it does cover a few cases that are impossible otherwse. For example if you want to quickly add/remove tags to multiple items.