New release for mac

Just curious if there was a new release in progress or when we can expect one. not necessarily expecting anything but this app is my bread and butter so I was just curious. thanks!

I don’t have any TaskPaper update in progress right now. If a bug appears then I’ll try to push out a fix, but I don’t expect any feature updates for a while.

My time at the moment is being spent on a somewhat related app that I haven’t released yet. It’s another outliner, but with a different feel and feature set as compared to TaskPaper. Here’s a small bit more info on that project:

I expect the next major TaskPaper release will have some relation to this new project… my hope being that the next major release of TaskPaper builds of the same outliner engine as this new project. That’s just a hope at this point, not a concrete plan.


Nice! It looks really clean and smooth, with a lot of potential.

It kind of looks like an animated version of taskpaper, with every indent treated as a “project”.

  1. What are the main differentiators between that and taskpaper?
  2. What will taskpaper gain from this, if it were to, in a future taskpaper update?

I’d be happy to be your first customer, regardless of what it is. Any tools related to managing outlines is awesome, and I’m sure you have some awesome insights from managing TaskPaper.

I’ll be posting more details relatively soon (weeks?) and part of that will be a comparison to TaskPaper. Generally same core idea (outliner), but different emphasis.


Jesse, I hope you are able to follow along with Dave Winer’s work on outliner interop – he’s currently working on using Markdown as a potential alternative to OPML for interop with LogSeq. I’m a “Drummer” user and a Taskpaper user both, and love when things hop back and forth easily.