Mystery Search


@jessegrosjean I have a mystery search that I cannot find to erase. I tried it once as a suggestion from Jessie. I have since moved away from that idea and yet, the search persists. Looking with “@search” which finds every other search in my document, the mystery search criteria is no where to be found. Yet it persists in the sidebar in the searches area.

And, it still works. I click on it (“Not Done”) in sidebar and I get results as: (“not @done except @done//*”)

I can’t find it to get rid of it. Any suggestions?


I know this is for Jesse, but I think I know the answer. There are a couple of default searches that appear in every document. The one you are mentioning just happen to be one of them. I think he mentioned that in a release document some time ago.


I’ll follow Victor’s comment by also thinking that you are referring to the default searches. You can test by opening a new empty document and see what is there in the sidebar. Myself, I have a “Note Done” Search and “@done + @today” Tags by default. Also, I’ll add to Victor’s comment that I read in the forum that Jesse says that it will be possible to customize those searches so we can define our own default searches when TaskPaper 3.5 is released. Those default searches will be used across all your documents so you won’t have to redefine them every time. However, I don’t think we can get rid of them or modify them at the moment.


Yea, good call. It’s a default “not done” search. I much prefer setting up my own searches. Feedback to Jesse, it wold be nice if I could erase searches I don’t want to use.