Multiple TaskPaper lists (documents) in one window

I’ve been using Taskmator on iOS and like how the app points to a directory of .taskpaper files and that I quickly switch between various lists.

I just downloaded the trial of TP3 and it seems like I have to manually open every .taskpaper list in my Dropbox folder, and that each list appears in its own window.

Am I missing something? I’m hoping there’s some way to show multiple .taskpaper documents in the Sidebar, all in one window, as another hierarchy level. If that’s not possible, can I officially request this as a feature?

No, that’s the standard model of OS X document based apps. Adding a file browser into the TaskPaper window is on my backlog of features. I don’t expect to add it anytime in the immediate future. But it’s also something that I’d like myself, so I’m hopeful that I’ll get to it eventually.

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