Multiple files in one TF window

I have two task paper DB file; and would like to open those two DB files in ONE TF Window with separated tabs. I tried to open 2nd dB; but it brings me with another TF window. How can I open both of DB files in one TF window with different tabs?

My understanding of the mapping there is that:

  1. A window corresponds to a document,
  2. and tabs provide alternative (for example, differently filtered) views into the same document.

If you look at the scripting interface, for example, you will see that a Window object, in the TaskPaper model, has a read-only property for single document.

Screenshot 2022-03-20 at 17.32.39

In other words for two different files, you would need two different windows.

In the User Guide, see:

[Using Windows & Tabs]( Using Windows & Tabs · GitBook )

If I’m understanding correctly I think you can do this.

  1. Open Documents
  2. Choose the menu item: Window > Merge All Windows

Is that what you want?


I think the confusion is that a tabbed Window in macOS is really implemented as multiple windows and only one (selected tab) being visible. It’s rather odd and confusing. But it makes it possible to support tabbed windows without the app having to do any extra work.


yes, this is what I wanted. I worked as I wanted.

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I have two DB - one for work and the other one for my personal.

does this work well for you? Sometimes I have broken them up but then sometimes feel like i am always in the wrong file!