Moving multiple lines in outline-mode

When I select multiple lines in outline-mode, and next move them up (via keyboard-shortcut), the lines move up (as expected). But the next line becomes included in the selection.
When I move them down, the last line from my selection becomes deselected.

To reproduce:

  • line1
  • line2
  • line3
  • line4
    In outline mode, I select ‘line2’ and ‘line3’. Move them up one line, and the also ‘line1’ becomes part of the selection.
    When moving down, only ‘line2’ stays selected.

Haven’t yet managed to reproduce that:


In the clip above (click triangle to play), I’ve:

  • selected two lines partially
  • hit Esc for the full selection outline mode
  • moved up and down with ^⌘↑ and ^⌘↓

Perhaps that differs, in some step or some context, from what you are doing ?

If there’s a particular small file and set of steps that you can reproduce it with, perhaps you could attach the file and a .gif ?

You’re right. My difference: I select the two lines while I’m in outline mode.

Got it – thanks. So the issue arises, I think, when extending a selection in outline mode.

For example:

  • place the cursor somewhere in line 2
  • hit Esc for the full selection outline mode
  • extend selection with ⇧↓
  • move up and down with ^⌘↑ and ^⌘↓


( Perhaps a border condition in the modelling of extended selection range ? )

(In the meanwhile, we can, of course, bypass outline mode)


Thanks, will try to get this fixed for next release