Mobile input friendly tag syntax

inputmode=email causes mobile devices to add the @ key to the onscreen touch keyboard. Perfect for TaskPaper tags! Parentheses are still cumbersome, though. So what if tags could use a single period between the tag name and value? Like this:

  • @tagName.tagValue
  • @due.2021.08.21

  • I chose period because this key is also on the mobile onscreen keyboard. Although less convenient, another separator could be used.
  • This tag style cannot include periods in the name, but periods can be included in the value.
  • This syntax doesn’t need to be explicitly closed so it’s slightly shorter at the cost of values containing whitespace.
  • This syntax could be added to work along side the current @tag(value) syntax.

Are there any other disadvantages/advantages to this syntax?

I attached samples of the email inputmode keyboards (iOS stock, iOS gBoard, Android stock). The @ and . keys are on the portrait mode keyboards, too. You can try these keyboards yourself at:

One obvious disadvantage is that you will not be able to enter tag values containing spaces.

Interesting idea, but I think at this point TaskPaper’s syntax isn’t likely to change in big ways.