Mixing syntax

I increasingly find myself jotting notes in Drafts and in any available text field using a mix of TaskPaper and Markdown syntax along with various dingbats and emojis that I’ve adopted for my own personal idiosyncratic dialect that’s distantly related to Bullet Journal. The only real problem I keep running into is that the hyphen character has a different meaning in TP and MD. When not working in the TP app, I use the ❏ (checkbox) dingbat character to designate a task. Is there any way to have TP recognize that character as an alternative to the hyphen?

The current engine cannot do it. I doubt that it would be something that would be an option in the future since the TaskPaper format is matured and recognized (It would be like using “^” to bold text in markdown). You would need to convert all those characters into the hype character. I believe that the fastest way to get to where you want is the “Search and Replace” option in TaskPaper. Another alternative is to use a script and use REGEX to replace the text to what you need while creating another copy of your file with the syntax you want to keep.

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