Missing Stylesheet documentation

Perhaps I’m not looking in the right place, but the Stylesheet documentation is missing some elements. To name one example: I had to read through a few stylesheets before I figured out that lead is the attribute for the task markup in TaskPaper.

Is there any other place I could read up on TaskPaper’s stylesheet format? For instance, I’m unsure what the different between item and run elements is. Thanks!

I just added some additional documentation here:


Adding to lead there is also tagname ,tagvalue, and content. I “think” that’s it.

It’s intended to represent the same idea as styling an html paragraph that has span elements in it. For example:

<p class="item">
  Hello <span class="span">World</span>

So if you style an “item” that style will apply to all of the items text. On the other hand if you style a “span” it will only apply to the text covered by that span.

Note that TaskPaper isn’t using HTML in the implementation, so behavior might not match exactly what you see in HTML styling, but it tries to be similar and borrow similar ideas.


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