Making reminders with a script


Does anybody has a script to automatically add a reminders (with the provided date). The idea I have would be to have a tag like @reminder(2016-01-26) and then add a reminder to reminders in my mac with the task and its tags. After adding the reminder, the script would ideally change the tag from @reminder, to @reminded. Even if the script you have doesn’t do what I describe, would you mind sharing what you have. Maybe I can modify it to do what I want to do.

Any help would be appreciate it.


@Victor Take a look at Brett Terpstra’s nvremind:


@fturcheti, I don’t know why this is like that, but in the source code, there is a line that needs to be changed in order for nvremind to work. The line is 279 and it reads,

if remind_date <=

but it should read,

if remind_date >=

No clue why, but changing that made it work.


@fturcheti, Ok, I do not know why, but the script wouldn’t work as downloaded from brett’s github. There was a couple things that needed to be changed as I mentioned above. Even then, the program wouldn’t do what I wanted. It wouldn’t add the “remind me” date to the correct date (It defaulted to the current date plus 300 seconds). I fixed all of those things. I will share the modified file in a dropbox link if you are interested. You can look through it. I might change the date of the reminder to a day before. It would be accomplished with this line in the applescript portion of the code.

set resultDate to resultDate - (1 * days)

Here is the dropbox link.

Fixed and improved Nvremind


The original script definitely works, but not in the way you seem to want.

This script is intended to be run on a schedule. Check for reminders every 30-60 minutes using cron or launchd.
Put @remind(2013-05-01 06:00) anywhere in a note to have a reminder go off on the first run following that time.

Originally, it must be scheduled to run periodically and it will add a reminder for a task on its first run after the time set in @remind. If you want it to add reminders for future dates, you have modify the code (as you did). But be aware that you have to find a solution for not getting duplicated reminders.


@Victor, hello, the dropbox link seems broken. any chance you could make it available again? many thanks!


Here it goes :slight_smile: