macOS text tools next?

Rich text is a really nice addition and I’m using it much more than I would have anticipated. But now it is looking pretty polished, I’m reminded of the poll about what new feature set to add after initial release. Rich text won. But is there any chance the macOS text tools will be next? Not having Bike able to use system text replacements is really hindering my productivity in the app, as someone that writes text with lots of technical vocabulary. I rely on replacements heavily for this, and it is something I miss hugely from TaskPaper, having largely switched over to Bike for most of my outlining. Having the other related OS standard text tools like “Correct spelling automatically as I type” would be great too. I can’t be alone on this, am I?

Yes, that’s the plan for Bike.

The bigger plan is that I’m going to take (hopefully a week, maybe two) to work on a quick TaskPaper update. Then I’ll come back to Bike and work on more integration with macOS text system. I hope that will be a much smaller job then rich text editing :slight_smile:

After that then maybe another poll for what to work on next, with accessibility work being one option.

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Fantastic! Looking forward to the next round of updates.