Mac OS Sierra Supported?

Dear Hog Bay Software,

I’m a Mac user and am presently using WriteRoom (3.2.1 [112]) with El Capitan (10.11.16). Before I upgrade to macOS Sierra, I want to be sure that Writeroom will still work. One user has reported on the RoaringApps website that Writeroom doesn’t work on macOS Sierra, but it’s vague and not clear which version of Writeroom was tried.

Can you please confirm whether any versions of Writeroom are compatible with macOS Sierra?

Thank you.


PS. Beautifully simple writer’s app, by the way. Hats off.



WriteRoom 3.2.1 appears to be working for me on macOS Sierra. With that said development is currently in a stuck state, I won’t be able to quickly address any bugs that do show up. I’m very slowly thinking/working on WriteRoom 4 now, but it will be a long time (maybe spring) before that’s ready to show. Until then I don’t expect to do any updates.


Version 3.21 DOES NOT work properly with Sierra.

I am unable to print any entered text and the program immediately crashes upon attempting to do so.


Thanks for letting me know about this… I didn’t know about that problem. I just tried typing and saving some documents. Will look into it.

I’ve posted a version here that I think fixes the problem:

I’m surprised it works all that well for you on El Capitan. I just redownloaded it to give it another shot and it is frustratingly buggy… not sure when the latest release was, but if it was long enough ago the bugs might be entirely explainable by the graphics changes to support retina displays, since the bugs for me are mostly visual and layout issues (jumping cursor, erratic scrolling while typing, as if the measured size of the text that is being used to calculate auto-scroll doesn’t actually match reality, similar annoyances.) Nothing that makes the app unusable, per se, but definitely bothersome enough to strip it of the main value—“distraction free” writing.

I’m unable to use Writeroom since the update to my OS. the download takes me to the Appstore yet I purchased this from a MacHiest. Is there any way I can get a fresh download since I’ve purchased this app already? I have the license key from my purchase.

Please see this download: WriteRoom version to fix crash when printing on macOS 10.12

Excellent! Thank you very much for helping with that. It works great.

Hello, I have encountered a problem I just install iOS 11 then my application WriteRoom does not open, a request for update, I have 2000 texts in very important application, please help me, is -that there will be updates. cordially May Yesayan.

Hi. Sorry WriteRoom for iOS has been discontinued for a number of years and won’t be updated for iOS 11. If you’ve been syncing your files to Dropbox you should be able to fairly easily transfer them to another app. If you haven’t been syncing to Dropbox there are third party apps that will allow you to browser your iOS device filesystem from your Mac to copy the files. The first google hit I get is: Browse and transfer iPhone files and folders