Is there any possibility of making linking available? I tried dragging a folder that is buried in several layers of folders it is a project I have to stay focused on. I have the project in a TP Beta to do list. The link will not function in TP Beta as many of the names have spaces in them and the spaces break the link. Other than going through an entire file path and escaping characters which would be way too tedious, it would be nice if there was a way to highlight some text, set a link to it, and be done with it. Or, have TP Beta handle dragged file paths better. I tried “smart linking” and it did not seem to do anything at all.

I think there is a linking script somewhere and several conversations on the forum about it. You should give them a read.

You replied once before to a question that I should just read the manual. This is not helpful.

I am glad there are many levels of complexity in TaskPaper. I have used scripts for different ends in the past, usually however there is a learning curve to doing that. I am not interested in learning scripting so that I can make full use of TaskPaper.

My comment was for Jessie and was meant to suggest that there could be some method of using hyperlinks or making the drag and drop file paths work better. I think the file path question has also been referenced several times as it once did work complexity well in TP2. It has been improved again however, my question remains that it is not working now as intended, Building in a hyperlink feature to a task managing app like TP makes a lot of sense (to me). Your mileage may very.

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I honestly didn’t want to offend you nor my purpose was to be unhelpful or rude. If you took it this way, I am sorry this happened.

It is precisely because of the level of complexity in TaskPaper that the documentation is the most helpful source. Logically, pointing people to the manual is very helpful. I would consider myself a power user, but there are things that I just don’t know. That is why I was pointing you to the wiki page and the forum. I don’t have any need of linking, so I have not applied myself to learn that. I also not interested in learning JavaScript to the point of mastering it.

The conversation you are attempting to have with Jessie already took place by people with a lot more insight of linking and the issues and problems. Again, I am not interested in linking in TaskPaper, but I am sure that what you are asking has been asked and answered to a point. I am even a tinny bit offended that you took my comments as a form of passive aggressiveness, but I understand why you feel like it. Hope you find the answers you need.

No, I am not offended and I hope my response has not caused offense for you either. When you suggested in an earlier thread that I might read the manual, I didn’t think you were being insulting. But the missing term I needed to look for was only presented in your example. Otherwise reading it three times before posting as I did, would not have shown me what I was looking for. Searching for an answer by reading more when you don’t know what you want is like trying to describe the color white to a blind man. What are you going to use for a reference?

I have learned that the Mac has opened the world of computing in a way that is sometimes hard to comprehend. We live in a world where anyone can do complex things that used to take a masters degree to do and, still does, to understand it. For example, I once built a presentation for a call center manager for her VP using pivot tables in Excel and PowerPoint. I did it all by reading the apps help files, no understanding of statistics required.

Some are very comfortable using lots of code all the time and I cast no aspersions in that direction. I am smart enough to dig through a script when I have too, although in the past I have sometimes run afoul of those who thought my questions too pedestrian. If I let any of that spill over in my response, please accept my apology.

Some users are those Apple like to market to the most, they have no clue what any of it does but if it is all simple to use than that is about perfect. No thinking required.

I am a little of both. I have learned that it is far more important to me to stay focused on what I have to do to get the work done then to stop and wade through scripting solutions and code. If I can see that using scripting and extra code will solve a problem I have, and make my processes more efficient, then I will quickly embrace it - and move on. I do not really like to live in that (code) world. I am always going to be more interested in just making the suggestion, especially when someone like Jessie is so actively open to his users suggestions. Even more important as he is now in a Beta development phase and is actively asking for suggestions.

My hope is that if I can contribute anything to this process for others it would be to blend the complex with the simple in any sort of explanation or tutorial. I still know far too little about using TP Beta to do that and I still have no idea how others use it to track dates. The last Time I asked to see examples all I got back (from someone) was we all use it in different ways. Which really doesn’t tell me anything.

Like the example I mentioned building pivot tables I would like to contribute to a users guide for beginners but which also shows how to use TP Beta for advanced purposes.

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You are right, it is very easy to come across condescending, and I could have worded things a little bit better. Although I have been using English to communicate over half of my life now; I never keep learning and making mistakes. I also appreciate your response. It is honestly very hard to transmit knowledge without coming across as a “know it all” or this is how it is done, dummy! :slight_smile:

In a forum, if you want to personally direct your comment to someone, you can do it with the ampersand and the user name. If you do it this way, you are more likely to get a quick response from the persons on the forum (In this case, Jessie). Like you say, he is very open to suggestions and doesn’t mind explaining things over again. It would even be better if you add the (Suggestion) metadata to your post. It makes it easier to search and understand the post itself.

Thank you for the clarification.

How is this done? Do you mean to flag it?

I think that there was some sort of problem with the new version of TaskPaper that was creating problems with linking. This was posted by @jessegrosjean just a couple of minutes ago, File paths with spaces not working

What I meant with the “directly address someone” looks more like a tag. You start by typing an ampersand @ somewhere in the body of your post and then start with the name of the person you want to address. An example of this is what I did on this post with @jessegrosjean. I believe that Jesse gets an email when this happens in a post (I do when someone does that with me). People usually respond faster because they know that question can only be answered by then, and not by whoever in the forum (like me). :wink:

@Victor Thanks, :wink:

PathSnagger 2 is a handy utility that copies a link in URL form. It’s available on the Mac App Store. I use it all the time with TP3 and have never had any problems. It also lets you copy links to more than one file selected in the Finder.

Thanks for the tip. I have avoided the app store as much as I can although with Affinity Photo being App store only (and I want it), I will have have to.

TP Version 2 did this quite easily. Right now I drag anything to my normally open Scrivener window and then copy that back to TaskPaper. Jessie has said he is going to fix this. Hopefully he will get that up on his priority list soon.

The latest TaskPaper 3.5 preview should have this working too I believe. If something still missing let me know, because I have it marked off as done on my list.