License question


I have a bike license on one computer (MacBook Pro). the Bike/settings/license tab tells me I’m allowed three active licenses but I see no way to activate it on my other MacBook.

the MacBook install says its in unlicensed free mode, restore purchase does not restore/activate…

the MacBook Pro install also confusedly/contradictorly says: deactivate this license to make it available for use on another computer…

so is the “three active licenses” allowed an error?


No that is correct… though really it’s on a reasonable amount of personal computers were you are the main Bike user … ie if your run into a limit contact me and I’ll increase.

But in your case I don’t think that’s needed.

I think all you need to do is on the new computer enter your Email and License Code again and then click “Activate License”. Then that same license code is activated on (2) computers, the original and the new.

… or maybe the other problem case would be … the version of Bike that you license with a license code must be downloaded from my website. The license code won’t work for the version of Bike downloaded from the Mac App Store. I think maybe that’s the real problem.



Mac App Store download was the problem

I deleted the version I had and downloaded anew from your website. Once I opened up settings, it asked for email and password.

Seems to be working now! Thanks!

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