Less setting for searches

I don’t know if this feature is already available - I don’t think so. If so, great but if not, I would like to offer a comment or suggestion.

It would be nice if, when a search is done, such as clicking on a tag or clicking on a saved search, and the search bar becomes populated, if there was a setting to set the paragraph spacing before or after the results.

I can use the less file to adjust the paragraph spacing and not worry about separating each line with an space. But for the most part, I use a space between each line. Because of this I don’t use paragraph spacing normally.

However, when I am looking at many search results, they all sort of run together as there is no line spacing anymore unless I select a different style sheet. That is what I have been doing, selecting an extra style sheet with paragraph spacing but in.

I was just wanting to “wish out loud” that it would be very nice if, there was a way to apply a less setting to a search result and, see the paragraph space after results that I like. When the search is over, the default paragraph spacing already in the less file would take over.

Hope that made sense to somebody? Thanks.