It's tough to tell if a row is a new child-less row, or is the "column-wrap-overflow" of previous child-less row

I’m finding that if I have a giant outline with lots of rows, the little grey triangle isn’t enough to show that a line is a brand new paragraph/row instead of just the “column wrap” of a previous paragraph/row. For me the readability gets so bad that I start adding empty padding rows to space things out a bit more.


I know there’s been some previous discussion of TaskPaper-like stylesheets or trying to figure out how much customization to give a user, I know that in this case the only thing I care about is solving this readability problem. Whether that solution is something that I end up solving with New-And-Improved Bike Stylesheets, or whether Bike solves it with some UI change.

Have you tried Settings > Editor > Row Spacing?

That adds extra spacing between rows, but not between wrapped lines.

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