Is there a way to color the Archive: project?

I am trying this, but it does not work:

// Colors Archive:
run[project=data-Archive] {
color: mix(@text-color, @background-color, 35%);

I never quite remember what’s possible with styles, but I think no this isn’t possible. Text content would have to be exposed as an attribute value, and I don’t think that’s happening.


Fair enough. Thank you Jesse!

I don’t think this is exactly what you had in mind but you can color all tasks marked as @done (I have mine marked with strike through and gray color)…net effect is that when you click on the leading “-” in the task to mark it complete, TP will add the @done tag, the text will change to gray and strikethrough and when you archive @done items all your archived tasks will be gray and strikethrough

Hi @red95blue — I already do that for tasks. I was looking to style the “Archive:” part:

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 4.25.40pm

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FWIW I’m colouring each project via a status tag on each project. If that might help let me know and I’ll post the snippet.

Hi @taskSloth — thanks for the thought!

For my interest in coloring Archive, I am interested in coloring it without the use of tags.

I do use tags to color projects:

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 2.43.12pm

Hmmm. Sorry that couldn’t help you out.

I haven’t yet used the archive project tbh, am I right that it houses all completed tasks? If so, I personally just delete old tasks.

All good!

Yes, Archive holds completed tasks.