Is there a better way to trigger a built-in script (Keyboard Maestro)?

Is there a more direct way to trigger a built-in Command (from the Palette menu) using Keyboard Maestro than to do what I am currently by simulating keystrokes?

For the first Keyboard Maestro ‘Action’, you can use ‘Select or Show a Menu Item’, which gives interactive help in capturing a menu path from the Application, so from:


clicking Menu at top right, will allow you to choose Taskpaper, and successive menu items down to Command..., yielding:


You can then finish off with a string typing action, to select a specific TaskPaper command.

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Yeah, I’ve used that way as well. As far as I can tell, both have the same effect visually and timing-wise. I was hoping to find a more direct way to run the internal commands with the same speed and lack of visual disturbance as when triggering a script. I guess, since there appears not to be, I will return to trying to re-create the internal commands I need as scripts.