Is it possible to sync due dates to calendar events (like Trello Calendar plugin)

I want to move many of my Trello boards to TaskPaper however there is only one thing I am missing. And that is that I wish I could get the due dates I set up with TaskPaper appear on my Google or iCloud calendar. Currently I can’t do this it seems as I searched the forums and the internet.

Can you please consider adding this feature to TaskPaper? This is a huge blocking point for me as my life revolves around calendar and I want to quickly see my due dates in the calendar and get notifications on the tasks.

Thank you.

Syncing dates (or any other info besides the entire plain text content) to an external source is beyond the scope of TaskPaper right now and maybe always. I think some people have partially done this sort of thing with scripts, but I think the results are always likely to be fragile and temperamental.

This might change at some point in distant future, but I think that’s unlikely at this point. The core issue is that there’s no “known” TaskPaper database to sync against. The file can be changed at any time by any application, it’s a shaky foundation for implementing sync.