Is it possible to make a macro that will always create a project level task in bottom of project?


I currently have a Keyboard Maestro macro I use that looks like this:


Only issue I have with it is that it will create a task below with the scope (indent level) of the last task in the list. I however wish that it would always create the task at the project level scope (one indent level).

So instead of this:


It would always create a root level task like so:



I’m certain that there is a way to do this in JavaScript. Maybe @jessegrosjean or @complexpoint will be able to help.

Short of that, putting a ⇧⇥ keystroke (shift-tab should remove one indent) at the end of your current macro might help:


The problem is that I don’t know how many ⇧⇥ keystrokes I need to do as I don’t know the last item’s indent level.



Well, let’s see if Rob or Jesse have time to look at it. I’m still learning JavaScript, but my gut tells me that it can do what you need.


Also I would love to have it make a Note rather than a Task if possible.