Is Bike similar to the old MORE software?

Used to use MORE software in the 80s and it was fantastic. Are you familiar with this software? Bike sounds similar to it.

I was a heavy MORE user (until I found ThinkTank, which was my favorite outliner back then). Bike is similar in that it’s a well-designed outliner, but I’m not sure it makes me think of MORE in more (npi) ways than that. Were there any features you were specifically thinking of?

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Just MORE’s simplicity of use Bob. A friend mentioned Cloud Outliner 2 as something similar to MORE. Anyway, this is a moot point now with my download of Bike as I have an older Mac (Version 10.15) and need to upgrade to 11 to even be able to open Bike. Thanks for the note.

Yes, I loved MORE, and still follow its developer through everything he does (Dave Winer, A little confused about the mention of switching from MORE to ThinkTank, because ThinkTank came first, and MORE supplanted it, in my recollection. In any case, MORE had one feature I’ve wished for ever since in outliners, which is “cloning,” which enabled any piece of the outline to appear in more than one place: any edit in one instance would appear in the other. Things could exist in different contexts, so it gave a kind of 3-dimensionality to your information.

Sorry, my memory got garbled. Yes, I used ThinkTank before MORE. When I said I switched to ThinkTank, I meant to say that I switched to GrandView! The main thing I loved about it was the ability to tag topics and then switch back and forth between regular outline view and a view that was sorted by tags. (So, for example, I could toggle to a view of all the topics I had defined as action items sorted in priority order, select a topic in that view, and then toggle back to outline view with focus on that topic and everything beneath it.)