Insert time without micro seconds

Using the insert date pop up and typing now into the box then return the date/time preview shows hrs:mins but on return the format puts in seconds and micro seconds eg. 2019-07-10 12:11:02:534

Is there any way to just have hours and minutes?

Also is there a keyboard shortcut for the insert date command?



Sorry late reply, was gone last few days.

First there isn’t a build in shortcut for insert date, but since it’s a menu item you can set your own keyboard shortcut in Mac OS System Preferences:

Hum… this doesn’t seem right. I need to look into the code and see what is happening. I would have expected (and think originally) it just inserted date to seconds resolution.

I’ve posted a fix for this in the latest TaskPaper preview release:


thanks very much



thanks for that fix. However I have just noticed that my insert date now has no time value. Also due and start tags also have no time. Originally I just wanted the microseconds & seconds removed.

It would be useful for reminders. If reminders are imported the time is displayed.

I’ve checked old documents where I’m pretty sure time was added and it’s not there anymore.

Any suggestions?

I’m not sure that I follow… can you post screenshot. For me I’m seeing times:

Hi Jesse

Ah… I see. Sorry, operator error on the insert date. I wasn’t using “now”, just clicking on the date.

When I mark a task as done I only get the date. Is this correct?



I don’t know about correct, but that’s how it’s always behaved in the past. I could add an additional “Include time” option if you need that.