Inability to export/import reminders


Hey there, first time poster.

I’m currently trying to get acquainted with TaskPaper, but am finding that the ability to import or export missing after I complete the Shift-CMD-P prompt. I’m entering ETR to export to reminders, but am not getting a followup dialog box. Am I missing a script or something to make this work?


I’d like to suggest a link to the latest instructions for Siri/Reminders the only thing I could find was a thread that presented a large and imposing script which would be useful if only I knew how to use it. Maybe the guide could be updated this seemed very tentative back in February? I’d be interested anyway so +1 for this thread.


Hi, you shouldn’t need a script for this, it should all be built into TaskPaper now. (In that past, before it was built in, you did need a script so maybe that’s what you found).

Here’s the section of the user guide that discusses Reminders:

And here’s a quick tutorial showing how it works:


Not missing a script… let me make sure that I understand what you are doing and where the process breaks down. It seems like you:

  1. Shift-CMD-P to see list of commands.
  2. Type “etr” to select the “Export to Reminders” command
  3. Press “Return” to perform that command.

… and then get nothing?

When I do that sequence now I get another prompt that allows me to choose which reminders list that I want to insert into… though that behavior depends in a Preference. If you have “Always use > Default List” then that prompt will be skipped and the current selection will immediately be exported to that default list without showing you a prompt. I just tested everything again, and all seems to be working as expected for me on macOS 10.13.

Maybe the video tutorial linked in my other post to this thread will help you firgure out what’s happening/going wrong. If not please let me know and I’ll try to dig deeper. If it’s not working can you take a screencast showing TaskPaper and Reminders app windows side by side when you try to export?


Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. I should’ve added: I’m using the most updated version (I went as far as to delete the app and re-download). I did the three steps as you’ve listed, and get nothing after I hit return. I am also using 10.13, on a 2016 MBP Escape (non-touchbar). I rebooted my device, and attempted to reload it. I have also looked at the Preference settings as you suggested. I will attempt a screencast later and get that posted for you.


Sorry for the 480 quality, I had to compress this as far down as I could get it: (1.2 MB)


Have you made sure (might help when debugging anyway) to uncheck TaskPaper > Preferences > “Always use > Default List”? Also if you open and try to export reminders do you see any errors printed?


Yes, that’s always been untoggled. I switched it on and off to no change in affect. Here’s what I’m seeing on Console:


Is this the direct download from version or the Mac App Store version, or the Setapp version? Also is anyone else noticing the same problem?


Also can you try this to get me more console info:

  1. Open
  2. Make sure that the “Activities” toolbar item is not selected. (there should be a “message” column in the table view that you see.
  3. Select your computer as the “Device” in the sidebar column.
  4. Click the “Clear” toolbar item.
  5. Go to TaskPaper and try to export an item to reminders.
  6. Go back to and select all messages in the view, copy, and paste into a new text document.
  7. Email me ( that text document.

I hope that will at least enable me to see where your system is behaving differently from mine.


Import and export to Reminders working well here on Mac App Store Version 3.7.4 (301).


I have a receipt of purchase from, and I’m assuming this is the transaction processing service/agent that you are using for your product.


What should I be seeing in terms of activity? When I look in the process column, I see nothing for TaskPaper, nor when I do a search.


Actually before getting into that I have a new idea!

Go into:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab > Reminders

And make sure that TaskPaper is included in that list and checked as allowed. I think this might be the problem because when I uncheck TaskPaper in that list then I see the same behavior that you do.


Hot damn! That did it, lol, and I’m kind of smacking myself on the forehead about that now, lol. Okay, got it up and running :slight_smile: You will definitely want to include that little trick in your trouble shooting documentation (if it isn’t there already and I missed it). Thanks!


thanks for the info I had not realised Reminders was now a working feature. No security snafu here I guess you enable it once on installation and never worry about it after that. A warning night help.


I’ve added a warning in 3.7.5 Preview for a fix TaskPaper 3.7.5 Preview (305)


Alright, solid work, mate :slight_smile: