I running the preview release, 3.8?


i running the preview release, 3.8? If so can you share the stylesheet. Either post it here, or email me jesse@hogbaysoftware.com. Also I’m just heading out now and won’t be back till Monday. So reply might be delayed.


Sorry I’m not quite sure what your question is. The current non-preview release and current preview release are the same app at the moment, both version 3.8.2. Sometimes the preview release will be a later version until the non-preview releases caches up. But now they are the same.

If you are asking about the default stylesheet… it’s just empty. Internally TaskPaper has a base stylesheet with all the default rules. So to get those default rules the stylesheet that you choose should just be empty.


I thought the latest was 2.2
Where is 3.8 ?



I think you are talking about FoldingText? Anyway you can download latest TaskPaper at www.taskpaper.com.