I don't understand the point of the "Go To Project" toolbar


It seems like the left outline view accomplishes the same thing. It’s somewhat confusing that there are two places to perform the same action. The sidebar is much more efficient and scrolling and locating a project. The popup for the toolbar button is enormous in my case and unwieldy.


The history is that the dropdown menu was the first UI, then I later added the sidebar list in TaskPaper 2. But I considered the sidebar “extra” UI, didn’t use it myself, and the toolbar popup navigation was needed for when the sidebar was hidden.

In TaskPaper 3 the sidebar becomes more important, because you can no longer click on project handles to focus the project (that will collapse the project instead). So now I always show the sidebar myself consider it a core part of the UI, though it is still possible to hide.

I’m somewhat included to remove the toolbar item now. View > Go to Project could be reimplemented to show the sidebar if hidden and make it first responder.

Anyone have thoughts this?


I see no use for the toolbar because the sidebar is superior in my evaluation. It presents the information in a better layout that also scrolls.


So far seems TaskPaper preview users agree, haven’t heard any complains since I’ve removed it.