How to get TaskPaper display a blank of line between each matched items(tree of nodes) under Saved Search view


As the title says, when I am under specific Saved Search mode, all the matched items/blocks will display there, which is good, but the PROBLEM is when there are many items(tree of nodes, i.e. from matched item up to its parent node and parent’s parent node, and so forth) displayed at the same time. The entire saved search view will look very crowded and lose the readibility, which further means it will be very difficult for TaskPaper user to locate specific todo/note/project node of interest.

This kind of problem is like when a programmer newbie is typing many lines of code inside on Function, then the code will be difficut to maintain later. While there is a simple solution to is, that is to insert a blank of line between block of codes. The visual separation between code blocks will instantly add much readability to the codes.

And this is exactly what I am looking to implement in TaskPaper 3’s saved search mode!

So is there is way to get TaskPaper3 to automatically insert a blank of line(or even two lines etc) between each matched items(tree of noes) so , I assume this can be done by tweaking theme style file. But I am not sure how to actually achieve this.(Which syntax to focus on, what is the parameter etc.)

So please offer assistance for anyone who knows how to achieve this.
Or provide even better idea than adding blank of lines to increase the readability of contents in saved search view when there are many matched items.

Look forward to response and thanks in advance!


Are you looking for a stylesheet that only applies in search mode, or generally you just want more space between some items? And if possible could you do a quick (certainly doesn’t need to be perfect) mockup of how you would like things to look vrs how they look now? That would help me understand exactly what you are looking for.


Hi jessey

Here is the quick mockup you requested.

Current Way to Display Saved Search View - Difficult to Browse Visually

Expected Way to Display Saved Search View - Much easier to Browse Visually

And this is just a mild situation I have to deal with in one of my saved search view, I have many other saved search view where the number of matched items/modes are way more than what is displayed inside the mockup images above. So without the capability to display more space between relevant matched items, it will be really difficult to browse and locate specific item(project and todo), just like situations in a long section of coding without space separation.

As for the solution. I believe both a general customization options in Preference to Display Space between Lines(say 1 or 2 lines of space) and syntax to further customize and tweak space between matched items based on the logic relationship(level of node along entire path and the relative position to sibling node and even the number of child nodes) between matched items will be welcome to the TaskPaper uses who live with heavy saved search view.

Hope to get your enlightment again. :slight_smile: