How do I theme tags and tag values?


First, How do I make a TaskPaper stylesheet!

Once you have a custom theme here are some example rules for styling tags:

  1. Change default tag color:

     run[tag] {
       color: green;
  2. Change default color of only the tag name or tag value part of a tag:

     run[tagname] {
       color: blue;
     run[tagvalue] {
       color: red;
  3. Change color of specific tag. In this case the @priority tag is colored red:

     run[tag="data-priority"] {
       color: red;
  4. Change color of specific tag and tag value combination. In this case @priority(2) is colored orange.

     item[data-priority="2"] {
       > run[tag="data-priority"] {
         color: orange;

Possibility to give tags a color
Theme help: style @due(soon) tag-associated color labels
TaskPaper Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to target tags with relative values? Like <=[d] today?


Sorry no, but I agree it would be a good feature.