Hide sidebar issue


I have a assigned a keyboard shortcut to this command, and I cannot get it to consistently work. I have double checked there are no keyboard shortcut conflicts and every time i use the command it works only a percentage of the time.

Any insights on this one?


Not sure… I just tried myself and:

  1. I couldn’t even Map a shortcut to TaskPaper > Hide Sidebar / TaskPaper > Show Sidebar. Problem might have been that it was getting assigned to TaskPaper 2 which is also installed on my mac.

  2. So instead I added the shortcut to “All Applications” instead of just TaskPaper. When I did that I needed to add shortcuts for both “Hide Sidebar” and “Show Sidebar” … I used the same shortcut for both.

  3. Once I had those shortcuts added things seemed to work fine. Toggling the sidebar state every time.


I’ve done some more digging, and i think I have found the specific issue.

The app specific shortcuts worked just fine. I have a total of 6 taskpaper documents. I keep two of the windows quite small. It appears that once the taskpaper document is below a certain width the sidebar will no longer toggle. More specifically, if the document is below a minimum width the sidebar cannot be “shown.” Is this by design?