Hide or show Projects and Searches in side bar


I am noticing that an odd behavior has crept into my TaskPaper work-flow. My sidebar keeps opening with Projects showing and Searches hidden. There are times when I use Projects in the sidebar but for the most part I have built custom searches into TaskPaper and so that is what I want to have showing in the sidebar when opening TaskPaper.

I don’t know if there is any menu command or built in way to stop this from happening and I wanted to ask if there was.

I have used Keyboard Maestro to great advantage including launching TaskPaper. I can resolve the problem easily enough by adding a couple of well placed cursor positioning clicks, one to hide Projects in sidebar - assuming they are going to continue to open as default in my sidebar, and one to click the show area of searches in the sidebar.

But of course all of this assumes that behavior will continue to open with Projects open and searches closed. I could have sworn it used to open with the last sidebar used - which is searches. But now, not so much.

Is there a built in solution I have missed to resolve this before I put in a fix using KeyboardMaestro?