Hide Items From Searches


In some of my TaskPaper documents I’ve defined searches within a project as well as ‘configuration’ settings within a project (these are used for scripts). It would be really useful if these projects (and their child items) could be hidden in search results. It might be possible via an advanced search but this is not something I’ve been able to figure out.

What I was envisaging something like an @hide tag could be implemented which would automatically hide the tagged project or task or note and any of its children in search results.


Can you give some more concrete examples… for example an example document containing a search… along with the items that you don’t want to show up in that search?


I’ve emailed you an example TaskPaper file so that you can see more clearly what I mean.


Thanks, got in and responded. For others… I think generally when you have search results that show more then you want you should look into using the except keyword in your search. It allows you to start with your almost working initial search, and then create a new search that takes out the few results that you didn’t want to see.


Thanks Jesse.

To show a concrete example, I now have a project in my TaskPaper file called ‘Configuration’. This contains my searches and other information I want to store but not show. The search I’m using to show all of the tasks which are not done and which excludes the Configuration project is:

Not Done @search(not @done except \(@done///* union /Configuration///*\))