Help I have lost my original default.less theme file

I have recently purchased TaskPaper and eagerly download some additional themes so that I could change themes as and when. However I seem to have lost the original default .less file and wondered if there was anyway of re-adding it to the stylesheet folder without having to reinstall TaskPaper again?

Any help would be appreciated please as I am new to this.

Best Regards,


I think the default stylesheet has no rules… it’s pretty much just an empty file. TaskPaper has a built in base stylesheet that defines the “default” look. The default stylesheet is empty because it just accepts all the base rules. “custom” stylesheets override some of those base rules. Here’s the default light and dark stylesheets: (1.6 KB)

Thanks Jesse much appreciated! Best Regards, Adrian

By the way I should have added that Taskpaper is brilliant - it is really helping me to organise - love it!