Hand cursor not shown on project folder?

I’m not seeing the hand cursor on the dot to fold projects.

Should there be one? If not it would be nice for the hand to show. (side wish, could a different cursor than the hand be shown? i despise that, i wish OSX would come up with a different hand :wink:

I think when I use a hand cursor I need to use the default one… OS X standards and all.

Right now I’m using a hand cursor when the mouse is over links (as is OS X standard). I’m less sure about what to do when the cursor is over item bullet/handles. Of course the big thing is that it should be a different cursor then the standard text cursor to indicate that clicking there won’t position the cursor. Right now I’m showing the default arrow cursor when over those handle/bullets. They aren’t links so I wanted something different then the hand… so the default arrow. Is that what you are seeing?

seeing default arrow cursor on:

  • project bullet
  • reordering tasks via drag and drop
    - interesting not on that, after placing the task in a new location it changes to cursor position, seems odd

seeing the hand on:

  • preceding task dash
  • links

probably nothing in this that you don’t already know :wink:

my original post was in the mindset of anything interactive with a click would show the hand. like you said though using different cursors would be preferred. but if checkboxes or something of the like are reintroduced it would almost take care of the hand on task completion leaving it just for weblinks.

i still think it would be nice to have a subtle difference for the folding/draggable handles.

i’m just throwing stuff out here, not meaning to be nitpicky