Got a weird stylesheet issue

For some reason one of the latest updates jacked the spacing on my projects handles. Where should I look in my stylesheet? The first project is fine, but any projects after that have the issue i pointed to. Thanks.

ok, i should have at least tried to troubleshoot this on my own first SMH

the offending line in my stylesheet was:

item[depth=1][data-type=project] {
  paragraph-spacing-before: 20;
  paragraph-spacing-after: 0;

this was a theme another gracious user shared that i tweaked to hell for my own use. I never touched that block of code and actually have no idea what it does or is supposed to do. but i’ve been using it for a while with no issue until maybe the last build or the one prior.

i’ll just comment it out and go on my merry way, but maybe it is a bug? i dunno. lol