Global search when project is selected



An other issue…

When a project is selected, the search is only within the selected project. So when you want to do a global search, you have to select first “home” in order to do the global document search.

In PF2 it is simply possible by pressing CMD-SHIFT-F and backspace => search term.

Suggestion: Take a look how it is implemented in the Dash App The doc-set becomes an icon in the search field so you could replace the search text (as in TP2) "project = “projectname” by a simple icon…

regards feek

Keep search active when switching documents in sidebar

When you focus on a project by selecting it in the source list I want search to only search within that focused project. To solve the the problem that you describe (didn’t find my result here, want to search everywhere) I think there are two approaches:

  1. First you can still do the TaskPaper 2 approach by leaving “Home” selected in the sidebar, and when you want to filter to show only a project type a search like this: project Welcome//* or shorter (less specific) you could just do Welcome//*. Obviously I need to document the search syntax soon!

  2. Or if you just want to quickly change the project that you are focused on you can do Command-L and change the project focus.



thx for your reply.

I’am not so happy with your answer. So when a project is in focus and I want to do a global search, I have to do the following keystrokes:
press CMD-L
press arrow down (to select home)
press enter

In TP2 you can search global with two key combinations:

Maybe you could add a “global search” option CMD-ALT-F
and a for mouse users a global search option in the search box:



I’m not against adding some additional shortcuts for “Go Home”, I just want to keep search and focus project separate. One shouldn’t change as a side effect of changing the other.

What about a keyboard shortcut for “Home”?


A “Go Home” shortcut would be fine


I second a “Go Home” Shortcut key



A menu item “Go Home” is already implemented by Jesse.

You can set a shortcut (I’ve set CMD-SHIFT-H) in the global keyboard preferences.