FoldingText removed from sale, trying to decide what's next


I agree with this perspective.
I also volunteer to support this initiative because, like so many others on this forum, I think FoldingText is, in a word, AWESOME.
Can I suggest that the price on the website be raised to its original price, can I suggest that we all demonstrate our collective powers by recommending the product to our friends and colleagues and lets see if we can demonstrate our commitment to the product the same way that @mutahhir and @jessegrosjean have with their development time. Perhaps some might be able to get a post on LifeHacker? Perhaps reach out to HARO?
@foldingsheets - I agree with your sentiments on the home page - I’m guessing you have some specific thoughts - perhaps you can create one?
Anyone teach marketing? Might there be an opportunity for a real time landing page test of different copy - as an assignment? Perhaps we can encourage them to share with their classmates based on the fact that x% of the grade will be based on the actual revenue that comes in on their pages?

Lets work together to save FoldingText by supporting @mutahhir


I’m coming to this game a little late – I just discovered folding text, ordered it, and installed it. IMHO, I think this is just the niftiest little product I’ve seen in a long time. It’s simple but got plenty of “swiss army blades” to do just about whatever I need from it. It’s quick, it’s fast, it’s text-based, and it just flat works! I have become very fond of this app in the last couple of days. It reminds me a bit of the old Ecco program in some ways, and that was a jewel.

Pulling it from the market would deprive a lot of folks of what is truly a little gem of a product. As @mcmckinn said, put the price back to where it should be - it’s worth it. I was charged $0.00 the other day, but I’ll gladly upgrade to a more proper price point.

And by the way, thank you!