FoldingText 3 (Project Preservation)

FoldingText got stuck. A key technology was deprecated and sales dropped to unsustainable levels. We (Mutahhir and I) have been unsure what to do next and FoldingText has languished. We are sorry about that. Our goal with version 3.0 is to ensure that FoldingText is available and working into the distant future. Here’s our plan to do that:


FoldingText 3.0 will not have the full FoldingText 2.0 feature set. It also likely won’t have enough sales to support major new development. Thus, our goal will be preservation, keeping it clean and easy to maintain for the foreseeable future.

Replace deprecated technology

FoldingText 3.0 starts with a new much simplified “native” app implementation. No more deprecated technology, also many missing features.

Provide source and allow contributions

As FoldingText languished we had a number of people volunteer to take over the project. But FoldingText 2.0 is big and complicated, it seemed unlikely that anyone but us could get it working without using deprecated technology.

Now that we’ve taken that first step we invite anyone who’s interested to help improve the project. Modify the app for your personal use. Try porting a feature from the 2.0 codebase to the 3.0 codebase if you are ambitious. Submit a bug fix. Keep the project going if Mutahhir and I both get hit by a bus.

Membership in app purchase

FoldingText 3.0 will be a free fully functional download. It will also have a “membership” in-app purchase for those who want to support FoldingText’s continued development. In the future, and if there’s enough to support us doing so, we may add membership only benefits. Even then, the core app will remain free. For now though, there aren’t any membership only features planned, the membership will just be a way to show support.

…That’s the official story/plan for FoldingText 3
…This is just me blabbing

First here’s the first FoldingText 3 beta:

FoldingText 3 (Project Preservation).zip (2.7 MB)

NOTE: You will need to Option-Click on FoldingText and choose context menu item Open to open FoldingText 3 for the first time. (It’s not notarized).

Perhaps underwhelming (no spell check, plugins, find, and lots more). But it does provide the core editing experience in a modern macOS SwiftUI based app.

I’m just about to be out of network contact for most of the next week (so my replies to any questions will be late), but I would love some feedback on this plan. It’s flexible. The goal here is to preserve FoldingText so that it works long into the future.


These are good news.

I’m delighted that you’ll be keeping this alive!

This is good news; I have been trying many apps but always go back to FT. I’m happy to support future development with a membership option. In my opinion, the only thing I would appreciate in a future version of FT is the ability to somehow group different FT files together in one place, but I’m very happy with it as it is.